About Us

MacMan makes sensational mac'n'cheese, fresh slaws and delicious dips, serving up a unique dining experience born of a love for hearty comfort food and a closely guarded family recipe. Our four-cheese signature blend mac'n'cheese is set, rolled in panko breadcrumb and lightly fried, and comes 
in a host of amazing flavours for an unforgettable mac experience.

Established in 2019 by James and Ali Upham, at MacMan we believe in sourcing the very best local ingredients whenever possible, we strive for sustainability in all parts of the business and we're fiercely passionate about serving up new and exciting tastes and textures. Choose your mac. Choose your slaw. Choose your dip. Go MacMan. 

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Say Hello...

You can find MacMan at festivals and events across the UK so give us a shout to find out when we're serving up our Next Level Mac'n'Cheese near you.

We'd also be very happy to chat bespoke dining experiences for private events, celebrations and all round good times.